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Sun Parks

Sun Park is a game changer and creates a new vision for conference, expo and festival launches

Sun Park


Just when you thought you have seen it all, Circa introduces a multi-purpose venue that can adopt to any eventing needs called the Sun Parks. These are located at the following properties:

  • Sun City
  • Sibaya
  • Carnival City

Why Choose a Sun Park?

Each Sun Park is built on a unique grid system which has access points which are imbedded throughout the base floor consisting of electrical points, IT infrastructure and plumbing.

The Sun Park is game changing and is creating a new vision for Conference, Expo, Sport events and Festival Launches. Revolutionary modular layout can be pulled across to other Sun Parks. Plug and Play for bespoke configuration giving total freedom to create layouts only dreamt about. This structure adapts to any eventing needs. Limitless branding opportunities.

This is the most cost-effective venue option, which means unprecedented savings, maximum ease and versatility for event options limited only by your imagination. Welcome to the future of eventing. Welcome to Sun Parks.

Past Events

The Sun Parks have been utilised by numerous businesses, including RMB, Nandos, SAMA, Spar, EFC, SA Pharmacy Council, and many more.

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